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50ml Mystery Box by Supergood.

£17.99 incl. VAT
Box Size

Forget "have a discount on our juice Stoptober"...that's so 2019. Now it's time for Supergood Mystery Boxes. What's going to be in yours? Could be a speedboat...

With the 50ml and 100ml Mystery Boxes, nicotine will be included to make a 3mg shortfill as standard. If you don't need nicotine, don't worry! Either pass them onto a friend who uses it or just leave a note on your order asking for no nicotine.

Wondering how many bottles you'll receive per box? Well, if we told you that then it wouldn't be a mystery, would it? But we can tell you the very least that you'll receive with this list below:

Box Size
Minimum quantity received
S 2 x 50ml
M 3 x 50ml
L 5 x 50ml
XL 7 x 50ml
XXL 8 x 50ml