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Calls for regulations in Malaysia

Calls for regulations in Malaysia

“The vape industry is too big to remain unregulated”, says the Malaysian Vape Chamber of Commerce.

The organisation is calling on the government to bring in regulations for nicotine-based E-Liquids, along with a broadening of the current excise tax. The MVGC believe that these regulations would bolster jobs, along with potentially attracting foreign direct investments.

These increases have been called for after a publication of a report into the Malaysian vaping industry. It also showed that there are over one. million vapers in Malaysia, based on data released from the Ministry of Health.

The report found that the workforce in the industry is mainly composed of young adults under the age of 30 of Malay ethnicity.

The industry is currently valued at nearly 500 million pounds, with more than 3000 businesses and over 15 thousand employees.

What do you think? Should the Malaysian Government increase the regulations? Let us know in the comments.

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