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We here at Supergood are always looking to improve your, our loyal customers, shopping experiences. As such, we’ve decided to take our most frequently asked questions and answer them in this handy-dandy little list! Neat, right?

If you have forgotten your password, simply go to the log-in screen and select “Forgot your password?”. Once you fill out your information, you will receive a super special email where you can securely change your password. If you have forgotten the email linked to your account, please contact us directly at where we can provide further assistance.

Not to worry! We keep a record of all tracking information in the event that you accidentally misplace it. Simply email in at, quote your order number and a member of staff will quickly retrieve your information for you!

Sometimes mistakes happen, it’s all a part of life! If you ever make a mistake with your order or require a refund, please either contact us via phone, online chat or email and we can work quickly with you to rectify any issues.

Good news, you’re definitely in the right place. We are curating a simple, easy-to-understand guide for new vapers to help you get up and running quickly whilst also keeping yourself safe! Check out our blog pages for updates!

Don’t panic! Sometimes the sentient AI who runs our system decides to have a little tantrum. There’s two ways you can appease it; either make a sacrificial offering, or, if you’re not a psychopath, empty your cart, go to your browser settings and clear your browser cache & cookies before closing and try again (The sacrifice thing hardly ever works anyways). If that still doesn’t work, please contact our customer team who can work with you to figure out the problem and get you back on track!

Here at Supergood we take handling your personal information very seriously. We will never share your personal information with anyone else, and we will never contact you for banking information such as credit/debit card numbers, or bank account information. Please refer to our privacy policy for more information on how we collect or store your data:

We want to make vaping as accessible and affordable for everyone! We offer shipping to all countries in which vaping is legal to both use and import into. Please familiarise yourself with your country laws as we take no liability if your order gets seized by customs.

We would love to hear about your experience, as this helps us improve and motivates us to maintain our high standard of service. You can leave a review on Trust Pilot or send us an email to for any issues with your order so we can rectify this promptly.

While using our website with a VPN, please ensure you have your location set to your home country so that you have access to the correct domain, pricing and shipping options. For example, if you are a UK customer and you use a VPN which is set to the United States, you will access the international site instead and not have access to click-and collect, local shipping options, or the ability to make a purchase.

Firstly, thank you for feeling so passionate about our brand, it means the world to us. In order for us to make sure we are a match, we need you to DM us on your choice of platform. We will then do a little investigation (don’t worry it won’t be too strenuous). If we think we are made for each other you will be welcomed on board. If we don’t feel that we are suited please do not be offended and continue working hard. We love everyone who considers promoting our brand.

We’ve worked hard to partner with as many different couriers as possible to give you the option to make the best choice for you, at the best price! We offer Royal Mail, DHL and UPS delivery services to the vast majority of the world, as well as DPD Classic services for European customers.

We know you must be excited for new flavours, but quality takes time! Keep an eye out on our socials for updates into upcoming new flavours, but rest assured each flavour we release will shine with the Supergood name as brightly as all the ones that came before it!

Here at Supergood we take handling your personal information very seriously. We will never share your personal information with anyone else, and we will never contact you for banking information such as credit/debit card numbers, or bank account information. Please refer to our privacy policy for more information on how we collect or store your data:

Our website doesn’t sleep, however our warehouse grunts kind of have to (shocking I know). You can order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s worth noting, however, we only same-day dispatch orders made before 4pm GMT, Monday to Friday. If you order after the cut off time it’ll be processed and dispatched the next day.

We take pride in our social media pages and consistently post new content. Our socials include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. To see more of us and our amazing products please check us out, and make sure to give us a follow and turn on post notifications so you never miss a promotion or contest!

We see you, baby in a trench-coat! You won’t be getting past our systems! On a serious note, we take the threat of under-age vaping extremely seriously. During the order confirmation process, we use a state of the art age verification system that uses your bank details to verify your age, and once you’ve verified once you won’t need to again. On the chance that the system requires more information, simply follow the steps that is required to complete verification. It’s Super(good) simple!

Thank you for taking an interest in stocking the Supergood brand! To place an order with us, please click the black truck icon in the upper right of the window to be taken to our distribution site. Alternatively, click this link instead! There, you will be asked to create an account, including your VAT number, company number and contact information such as a phone number and email. This will then be sent to us for approval. We will email you if we require more information.

Supergood now has a built-in currency converter, which uses the most up-to-date information to allow you to see just what you’re paying for in your local currency! Please note that during checkout the total will be converted back to GBP for the final transaction. If you are using a VPN please ensure you either have it turned off or have it set to your local country, as it can cause problems with the conversion system.

We’ve worked hard with our payment partners to employ multiple easy-to-use options! You can choose between either PayPal, Viva Wallet or by using our brand-spanking new Klarna partner, you can take advantage of our Buy Now Pay Later option! Please follow for any Klarna-related questions!

People like a bargain, it’s human nature! Luckily for you bargain hunters out there, we always have some form of offer/discount available. Whether that be our multi-buy offers on our nic salts and shortfills, free nicotine with all shortfills, or our Supergood Bundle deals! We also have email subscriber exclusive flash sales at various points in the year, so you can never be without a fair Supergood deal! We also offer a handy-dandy Buy Now Pay Later option using Klarna! Please see “How do you take my money?” for more information.

Nicotine can be a confusing thing when you first start out, but that’s okay! We’re help to help, after all! Simply check out the nicotine mixing section in our Supergood Guide for a simple, easy-to-understand rundown on what to do.

Once your order has successfully processed, and we’ve approved you’re not a child masquerading as an adult, we print your invoice and carefully pick your products, later smothering them in bubble wrap, add some leaflets for added protection and pack everything with love in the correctly sized box. Here comes the iconic tape attack making sure everything is secure. The carefully folded invoice goes inside the document wallet with the shipment label. Your parcel then eagerly waits for the Supergood delivery man to collect.

Our loyalty programme allows you to unlock exciting perks, an all access pass to exclusive rewards as well as gaining points per purchase. Every £1 spent gains you 10 points. The points are used to unlock exclusive discount codes. The more points you have, the bigger the discount you receive. Are you ready for the best discounts of your life? Of course you are! Hop online and start earning today! You can sign up at 

We understand you frustration! But fret not, we’re looking into something special for those wanting to try before you buy! Keep your eyes peeled in the future for updates!

Absolutely not! All of our juices contain no nasties such as sweeteners or diacetyl! We only use the highest quality PG, VG, flavourings and nicotine available to ensure your experience is a Supergood one, while also keeping those precious coils gunk-free and tasty for as long as possible!