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EU Vape Ban Looming

EU Vape Ban Looming

There may be a possible ban looming for EU vapers, according to leaked European Union documents.

While there wouldn’t be a full ban vaping products, flavours would definitely be banned, and a prohibition on vaping outdoors in public. It’s a slippery slope to say the very least. Who knows what Europe might do next if this comes to action.

This comes as part of Europe’s “Beating Cancer Plan”. Multiple vaping advocacy groups have voiced their concerns that this plan should not and cannot include vaping and other safer nicotine options.

The leaked documents shows the EU is considering:

  • Extending taxation to “novel tobacco products”, including vaping
  • Extending the coverage of the smoking bans indoor and outdoor to e-cigarettes
  • Banning flavours

So what do you think of any future EU vape ban plan?

Let us know in the comments. Do you think vaping should be banned, or is Europe completely wrong in attempting to discourage smokers from switching to vaping.

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