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Germany’s vaping tax consequences.

Germany’s vaping tax consequences.

The German government is setting plans in motion to place vaping products in a higher tax bracket. The World Vaping Alliance states this will gave “dire consequences” for the public health as a whole.

A report in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung states the German Federal Ministry of Finance is planning to increase the tobacco tax, extending it to all vape products. This is essentially treating the harm reduction products as being as dangerous as smoked tobacco, while also acting as a disincentive to current smokers.

Up until now all vape-related products were exempt from the tobacco tax, so the change in approach would lead to massive price jacks.

The World Vaping Alliance echoes the voice of vapers around the world, and empowers them to make a difference for their communities. Its members are vaping giants, as well as the common consumer from all corners of the world.

It believes, “The current discussion about increasing taxes on vaping products completely ignores the consumers. Virtually all current vapers in Germany are ex-smokers, and a major price increase in vape products would push many back to using more harmful cigarettes.”

The WVA states that making vaping products more expensive will be “particularly harmful to the lower income groups of the population”. It is these vapers who make up the biggest proportion of current smokers in Germany. 

The organisation says the argument is clear that separated taxation for vaping products and cigarettes is essential to help current smokers to switch and in turn reducing their harm exposure. The WVA believes the lower reduced harm products are priced, the greater the command of incentive is to make the switch.

What do you think? Should Germany law separate the taxes between cigarettes and vaping gear? Let us know in the comments!

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