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Hague’s COVID Safe Flavour Ban Protests

Hague’s COVID Safe Flavour Ban Protests

A recent campaign has taken place in the streets of Hague, organised by various vaping advocate groups and the World Vaper's Alliance (WVA), against the latest Dutch proposal of a 'flawed' E-Liquid flavour ban.

The event was organised with both peace and COVID safety in mind, and the group lit up Dutch political buildings with messages of protest against lawmakers pondering the policy.

The motto 'Save Flavours, Save Lives' was the main point resonating through the movement, with critiques of the ban stating that it could drive well over 200,000 vapers back to harmful conbustible cigarettes.

The joint effort between local consumers, advocates and the WVA has nudges policy-makers to extend the consult, which now runs out February due to 'popular demand'.

Even though it was a small victory for Dutch vapers, the fight is far from over.

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