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More Mail Misery.

More Mail Misery.

In the aftermath of the USPS vape ban, a number of courier companies announced they would also be joining the ban on the shipment of devices and e-liquids. Recently a number of British vapers have reported that they were also experiencing shipping issues with products coming into and out of the UK.

The 2021 Omnibus Appropriations Bill saw the ban of USPS shipping vaping products, coming into effect in the week of 5th April 2021. The American Vaping Association called the phrasing of this particular bill “sloppy”, and have since advised businesses to scout out other shipping providers, but this has proved easier said than done as the options are shrinking rapidly.

A number of vapers have reported parcels being opened, returned or just outright refused to be accepted for shipping by DHL over the last week.

In a statement from DHL, “Please note that the prohibited items listed below apply to parcels being sent from and within the United Kingdom. For international carriage there may be additional prohibited items specified by the country of destination.”

Listed in their prohibited items under “Alcohol, cigarettes and narcotics” is the following:

Electronic cigarettes and pipes, e-hookahs, e-cigars and vape pens (including any device that, through an aerosolised solution, delivers nicotine, flavour, or any other inhaleable substance.)

Considering the UK’s proactive approach to vaping, a move like this seems more than a little out of place.

Have you had any problems with any other courier company? Let us know in the comments.

Love, Supergood.

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