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MPs & Q's.

MPs & Q's.

The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care was asked if there were plans to issue further instructions to the public about vaping public spaces. The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State stated there are no current plans to issue further guidelines as the current instructions are adequate. Vaping does not pose a health hazard to non-vapers, as well as not spreading the COVID virus.

Baroness Hayman of Ullock asked if there were any scientific tests, “to determine whether or not tobacco industry plans for a voluntary approach to preventing littering of cigarette filters?” She also asked if a cost assessment had been made to address the problems caused by cigarette butts.

Lord Goldsmith told Baroness Hayman: “We believe that the tobacco industry must take responsibility for the litter created by its products. Our most recent composition survey found cigarette butts represent 66% of all littered items.”

“Preliminary research has shown an estimated cost to UK local authorities and other duty bodies of £40m per annum for the collection and disposal of littered cigarette butts, rising to £46m when including those disposed of in public bins. This has been drawn from an analysis of local authority spend on litter using local authority revenue outturns, litter composition studies across the UK and local authority surveys and interviews. This research is undergoing quality assurance and will be published in due course.

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