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A new flavour is coming soon!

This exclusive flavour is under lock and key and protected by our most-trained personnel; Jerry up in HR. (He's a little awkward and likes Old Spice a little toooooo much, but he can be trusted to keep the secret safe.)

Now Jerry won't let us drop any hints just yet, but what we can say is it's ..REDACTED.. with ..REDACTED....REDACTED.. all mixed in a mouth-watering ..REDACTED..

Okay so Jerry didn't like that, let's try something else.

It has the most delicious ..REDACTED.. flavour you've ever tasted! more try... ..REDACTED..

Come on Jerry, really?!

Ugh, it's gonna be Supergood then!

Keep your eyes peeled for more hints (When Jerry decides to finally let us spill the ..REDACTED.....f*** Jerry.)

Love, Supergood.


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