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Pod Systems. Everything you need to know.

Pod Systems. Everything you need to know.

So, pod systems. What do they do, how do they work, and what's the difference between them and a standard device? Don't you worry flower, all will be explained in this blog!

What do Pod Systems do?

Pod System is essentially a more convenient and efficient way to reduce your cigarette cravings by introducing a compact, easy to use and easy to carry device that is suited for the use of high-nicotine E-Liquids, mainly Nicotine Salts.

The Pod System is broken down into two parts; the pod and the device. The pod is a removable tank with replaceable coils, available in multiple resistances to suit the E-Liquid, nicotine strength and PG/VG ratio that you wish to use.

The device itself can come in various sizes, depending on how high the battery capacity is, and is usually equipped with features that make the experience as enjoyable as possible.

Pod systems can also come in two variants; open and closed systems. Closed pod systems usually refer to devices that come with pre-filled cartridges that cannot be re-used once depleted, whereas, open-style pod devices are designed to be re-filled with your favourite E-Liquid, as well as the replacing of coils.

How do Pod Systems work?

pod system fundamentally works the same way as a standard tank & coil set-up. The only difference being the tank itself is recessed into the device, allowing for a more compact feeling experience.

As the name suggests, pod systems are e-cigarettes that make use of a pod, as opposed to a traditional tank or atomizer. They ultimately do the same job: they hold the e-liquid and vaporize it to deliver vapour to you through the mouthpiece. The pod is often recessed into the top of the device, and they usually have a smaller capacity than most tanks, at between 1 and 2 ml, although some models may offer larger pods. The pods simply push into place in the top of the device and pull out when they have been emptied, or when you wish to switch flavours. 


Apart from these differences, both pod devices and standard e-cigs act basically the same way! Pod systems tend to be more geared toward the use of Nicotine Salts.

If you fancy trying one for yourself, we'd recommend the always popular Drag S by Voopoo. The combination of high battery life, long-lasting delicious coils and versatile wattage options make for an instant all-day carry for your favourite Supergood Nic Salts!


Love, Supergood.

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