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‘Success’ for vaping.

‘Success’ for vaping.

A new report released by Oxford Economics has uncovered the extraordinary success story of vaping and alternative nicotine products in the UK. Alternative nicotine products, including vaping products, tobacco-free oral nicotine pouches and heat-not-burn products, delivery nicotine without the need to burn tobacco, making them potentially less risky than traditional combustible tobacco products.

The report, which was commissioned by British American Tobacco (BAT), found that:

  • Boosting our economy: Alternative nicotine products supported 17,800 UK jobs by 2019, contributing £805m to UK GDP.
  • Backing British science: BAT scientists have conducted 164 tests on its Vype brand alone, including 27 behavioural science tests, 82 chemistry tests, 35 biological tests and 20 clinical tests. BAT researchers concluded that the Vype ePen 3 emits 99% less toxicants than cigarettes.
  • Unleashing British ingenuity: Driven by its global R&D hub in Southampton, BAT filed more than 170 patent applications in the UK in 2019 on new alternative nicotine products and innovations. BAT Investments Ltd. were the UK’s seventh-largest patent applicant to the Patent Cooperation Treaty in 2019.

By 2019, a staggering 3.1 million vapers were reported in the UK, a growth of more than a million in a span of just 5 years.

This report shines a light on the research which shows 97% of all vapers are either current or ex-smokers, with over two thirds of end-users using vaping products as an aid to stop smoking, or because they see vaping as a less harmful alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes.

The report also reveals that the UK is the global leader in developing high-quality alternative nicotine products, which in turn generates significant economic benefits in the UK.

The report clearly shows that UK is spearheading the innovation scene, leading the way both in terms of enabling people to make the witch from courgettes and in terms of designing the nicotine products of tomorrow.

Love, Supergood.

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