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Supergood have got you covered. Good Klarna.

Supergood have got you covered. Good Klarna.

We know times are tough right now with C****-19 causing job losses and financial struggles with everyone.

But Supergood understands that getting the supplies you need to keep vaping to protect your health shouldn't be expensive or hard to acheive.

Which is why now's a good time to remind everyone of our collaboration with Klarna's Buy Now Pay Later option. With Klarna, there's no need to worry about giving the payment upfront to get your vaping supples, instead you can spread the cost and not worry about taking a big hit to your wallet!

Have you been looking through, pining for that one bottle of Blue Pom Mojito that you love but don't quite have the money for? Or need a new set-up but don't want to spend a fortune right away?

Klarna have got you covered.

And now with Supergood's 5-day delivery weeks, now's the perfect time to put in that order!

Buy Now. Pay Later. Good Klarna.

Love, Supergood.

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