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Supergood News: Disposable Ban.

Supergood News: Disposable Ban.

The government has announced plans to implement measures aimed at restricting the availability of flavored products targeted at children. These initiatives will also mandate manufacturers to adopt simpler and less visually appealing packaging.

Additionally, the government intends to regulate the display of vaping products in stores, ensuring they are kept out of sight of children and away from items that might attract them. These measures are expected to be implemented nationwide in the UK.

While it is currently illegal to sell vapes to individuals under 18, the government plans to strengthen enforcement by introducing new fines for shops in England and Wales that unlawfully sell vaping products to minors.

To combat underage sales of tobacco and vaping products, trading standards officers will be authorized to take immediate action. This initiative complements the existing maximum fine of £2,500 that local authorities can impose.

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