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Sweet and Sour.

Sweet and Sour.

New Zealand vaping giant, VAPO, believe the Ministry Of Health’s proposal to ban sweeteners in E-Liquids will cause “catastrophic disruption”, due to NZ residents relying extensively on them to successfully transition from smoking to a much less harmful and enjoyable alternative.

The swathes of people switching back to cigarettes is bad enough, but VAPO is concerned that the decision will completely dismantle the local independent vape scene.

They are now calling on the Health Minister, Associate Health Minister and Small Business Minister to assess the final vaping regulations for both their health and economic consequences when they reconvene in June.

The move comes following the proposed flavour ban which would see general retailers (supermarkets, service stations, convenience stores, etc) only be allowed to sell mint, menthol and tobacco flavours from 11th August onwards.

The vaping giants say there’s no scientific evidence for this blanket ban. They say sweetening agents are the basis for making flavours what they are, and flavours have proven time and time again to help adult smokers trying to quit the carcinogenic cigarettes.

VAPO says it’s flabbergasted by the sweetener ban, considering the Health Promotion Agency’s past campaigns, and the Ministry of Health’s generally positive and pro-active approach to the vaping industry and its products.

They believe that banning sweeteners will also bring significant safety concerns, as other flavouring chemicals would be substituted in higher and potentially unsafe quantities in an attempt to make the flavours more palatable. Many vapers would also most likely opt into using unregulated and untested liquids on the black market.

What do you think? Is this a ridiculous move on the Ministry of Health’s part? Should they change the regulations? Let us know in the comments!

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