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Tar Wars: A New Hope.

Tar Wars: A New Hope.

Within the past decade, we’ve seen plenty of advancements in vaping devices. From the basic cartomisers of yesteryear to the variable wattage jack-of-all-trade devices you see today. But there’s one thing that hasn’t changed all too much; the nicotine you use in your e-liquid every day. All that is about to change, though.

A new nicotine shot from the company WholeNic®, a UK-based company, claims their innovative nicotine formulation mimics the effects of smoking by using all of the elements of cigarettes that make users feel good. They say this product is “a world first.”

WholeNic® is a TPD-compliant product, and contains absolutely no unwanted compounds, such as carbon monoxide, tar, or TSNAs, the key toxins/carcinogens found in tobacco and smoke.

It has been developed by start-up business Exhale Technologies, headquartered in Scotland, for people whose needs are not currently being met by vaping. The company states, “WholeNic® aims to eliminate the need for tobacco use and address the top reason people provide as a barrier to stopping – ‘vaping simply doesn’t feel like smoking’. It has been designed for those who have not switched to vaping and for dual users who continue to smoke as they are not completely satisfied by vaping alone.”

They go on to note, “This product exists for one reason: to allow smokers the chance to improve their health, without having to give up the pleasure and satisfaction they get from smoking.”

It’s amazing to see that even in such an over-saturated industry, innovations can still be made to help improve the experience and help users to switch even more easily than before.

Love, Supergood.

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