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Tax Axe For Estonia

Tax Axe For Estonia

NNA Smoke Free Estonia have applauded their Government’s decision to suspend all taxes on E-Liquids, stating that other countries should follow their lead and help people embrace less harmful alternatives.

The Estonian Parliament had voted to suspend the collection of duties and tax on E-Liquids from 1st April 2021 to 31 December 2022 in a bid to try and reduce cross-border trade and the growing black market.

Estonia witnessed a boom of illegal trade and cross-border sales as a result of their similar approach, and have finally realised that scrapping their previous plan is the best way to ensure customer’s safety.

Those living in Estonia have been paying €0.2 per ml for their E-Liquids and inevitably started sourcing their liquids from places like Latvia or Russia where the prices were much lower. NNA Smoke Free Estonia stated that this method gave a very critical problem; giving young people the option of purchasing E-Liquids more freely, aswell as these products being much more dangerous as it was completely unregulated.

If lab-created and legal products are made too expensive for consumers then they will look for cheaper options, even if the cheaper option is potentially much more harmful.

It’s in everyone’s common interest to make sure adults have a more diverse offering to help quit smoking with less harmful products.

Love, Supergood.

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