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WVA Show of fitness

WVA Show of fitness

The GoTheExtraMile run was set to take part on the same date as World Vape Day, demonstrating and celebrating the health benefits of vaping.

The World Vapers’ Alliance says it “amplifies the voice of passionate vapers around the world and empowers them to make a difference for their communities. Our alliance includes groups representing vapers - our partners - as well as individual vapers from around the world.”

World Vape Day 2021 is a day to celebrate vaping in all forms, highlighting the benefits of tobacco harm reduction as a whole, with vaping taking the spotlight. It’s all about sending a message of positivity about vaping and the focus of the good it brings about to society.

World Vape Day 2020 saw a range of activities planned and organised by various consumer groups:

  • A Twitter campaign: Vapers from across the world used the #WorldVapeDay hashtag to relay their quit journeys and speaking out against vape bans and restrictions
  • An email campaign to legislators writing to MPs and MLAs telling them how vaping has helped smokers and why bans do harm
  • Online events

Talking about the planned event, the WVA writes: “The World Vape Day Run will be held during the whole month of May as a prelude to World Vape Day. Due to COVID restrictions, we, unfortunately, can’t meet in person. So, we’ve planned a virtual run to show how fit vapers are. Everybody can participate and upload their run with a picture. Let’s show the world how fit we are as a community!”

“Run the extra mile with us. During the month of May, run, jog or walk a mile for vaping. Show the world what vapers can do by sharing your run on social media using the hashtag #RunVaperRun & #WorldVapeDay. We have a chance to battle the misconceptions about vaping, together as a community, join us and #RunVaperRun!”

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