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Dangerous SCHEER Drop

Dangerous SCHEER Drop

The Scientific Committee on Health, Environmental and Emerging Risks (SCHEER) has published its Final Opinion about electronic cigarettes and vaping. European Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates says: “The SCHEER have not just ignored the comments and concerns of consumers, they have also shown a complete disregard for science.”

This final opinion will now feed into the formation of there next variation of the EU’s TPD regulations. The initial opinion claimed widespread condemnation for its extremely selective and cherry-picked evidence about vaping.

If anyone has wondered about how this kind of situation could happen, the members of the committee appear to have been selected for their opinions about vaping. Topping the list, Roberto Bertollini was chastised for giving an “appalling” presentation to an EU workshop.

Following the initial opinion, the response to the final opinion have been overwhelmingly negative. The WVA described it as a step backwards for the EU.

The Independent European Vape Alliance stated the EU Commission have missed an opportunity to bolster its Beating Cancer Plan and failed to recognise the importance of vaping in reducing smoking-related disease among Europeans.

The organisation believes the report is useless for policy decisions because it failed to compare the risks of vaping with the risks of smoking.

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