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Legalise Vaping Australia needs your help.

Legalise Vaping Australia needs your help.

We won’t sugar coat this. They’re coming after Australian vapers.

The Australian Financial Review published three hit pieces over three days, including “The secret money trail behind vaping”.

Anti-Vapers know they’ve lost the debate, so now they’re delegitimising the Australian vaping populous.

Since all of the facts are on our side, anti-vaping groups are launching smear campaigns and slandering them as shills for big tobacco.

They’re insinuating that they don’t matter.

Anti-vapers and their obsession with trying to smear anybody who supports legal vaping needs to be fought. Anti-vapers know they can't win on substantive issues anymore. Legal vaping is a better policy than current laws and the awful prescription-only model being proposed by the TGA.

On every occasion the anti-vapers have lost. They lost when they tried to ban the importation of vape liquids. They lost when they tried to implement the ban again in January. They lost the claim that vaping isn't less harmful than smoking. They lost the argument that not many people vape, given half a million people do it in Australia. They lost the argument that vaping helps people quit smoking, now that advocates have forced the Health Department acknowledge this.

So, having run out of options, they're trying to smear everyone involved in this critical life-changing issue.

This is where we need to step up and help the cause. Legalise Vaping Australia relies on the amazing support of donators around the globe to help fight the good fight and keep vaping accessible for all, and now they need our help more than ever.

So please, consider donating through this link to help them out. We cannot let anti-vaping groups get away with taking away something that many of us rely on.

Love, Supergood.

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