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Nova Scotian Policymakers in hot water.

Nova Scotian Policymakers in hot water.

Policymakers in Nova Scotia have recently had some flak after introducing new heavy restrictions against vaping, including increasing tax on vaping products, and the ban of flavoured E-Liquids.

Cloud Factory Vape Shop co-owner, William MacEachern, has taken legal action against the province, challenging this controversial decision.

Multiple vape and consumer advocacy groups claim that these new regulations could have a damaging effect on public health, stating that adult smokers will struggle to swtich to better, safer alternatives under the new laws.

These regulations were supposedly put into place to battle Canada's allged "youth vaping epidemic", but lawmakers failed to acknowledge the research study done by Yale which concluded that flavoured E-Liquids played no part in the increased youth smoking rates.

From the study they found that flavoured E-Liquids “were no more associated with youth smoking initiation than vaping tobacco flavours.” 

It also stressed that adults who used flavoured products “were more likely to subsequently quit smoking than those who used unflavoured e-cigarettes.”

What do you think? Were Nova Scotia governement right in putting these new restrictions in? Let us know in the comments!

Love, Supergood.

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