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Vaping's good (again).

Vaping's good (again).

Once again the anti-vape movement have a new nail in their already pointy coffin. New research looking into smoking cessation treatment by tobacco counsellors in Flanders have found that vaping produces “similar, if not higher, smoking cessation rates compared to those choosing other evidence-based smoking aids.

Between the number of pro-vaping studies and experience of British ex-smokers demonstrates the insanity and backwards thinking of the EU pushing restrictions to access to vaping products and flavoured E-Liquids.

Before outlining their work, the authors of the research reviewed previous studies in an unbiased manner, and found the following:

  • E-cigarette use is rare among people who never smoked
  • Daily e-cigarette use is positively associated with smoking abstinence
  • The increase in e-cigarette use is positively related to quit smoking attempts and to abstinence
  • This positive relation has been confirmed in EU, UK and US data
  • UK population data showed that e-cigarette users (and smoking cessation medication users) had higher odds to be smoking abstinent compared to those not using these aids
  • Several well-conducted prospective and retrospective observational cohort studies from the US show that the likelihood of smoking abstinence is higher for those who smoke and self-select an e-cigarette in a quit attempt
  • Quit rates from such studies vary (both UK and US data), going from 20 to 52%; with the best results in regular and daily e-cigarette use, while using efficient e-cigarettes

These previous findings are already astonishingly positive on their own. The Flanders study looked at 296 participants, with 251 continuing to participate in their follow-up assessments.

The study found that nearly a third of the total group were fully and verifiably abstinent of tobacco 7 months after quitting. 40% of those who’d switched to vaping remaining smoke-free compared to just 23% of traditional Nicotine Replacement Therapy users.

Reported success with vaping has occurred after this investigation, as we have reported. A University of Salford study, researchers at Yale, a project from the Medical University of Vienna and a survey by the World Vapers’ Alliance all highlighted the power of safer flavoured vape products.

Once again this is a huge win for the pro-vaping community!

Love, Supergood.

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