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Back For Good.

Back For Good.

UKVIA have celebrated the fact that vape shops are now starting to reopen again across England and Wales, and are expecting an influx of customers, many of which being smokers looking for advice and guidance to quit.

UKVIA have welcomed the relaxing of restrictions by the Government as the latest step forward of our roadmap out of lockdown, especially given the coinciding of the hugely popular and successful VApril.

Now onto their fourth year, the UKVIA-run VApril aims to help educate smokers on successfully quitting traditional cigarettes using vaping.

John Dunne, Director General of the UKVIA, stated: “The closure of retail outlets has been especially difficult for some users of vaping products who have struggled to get hold of equipment and advice that they needed and who might well have returned to smoking over the past few months. I am so pleased that the wider vape retail sector in England and Wales is now able to reopen its shop doors on Monday 12th April and begin trading again.”

Hopefully now that vape shops are now starting to reopen in spades, the industry, as well as the local retail market, can start to recover from the hardships of the pandemic.

Love, Supergood.

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