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Vapers want to quit?

Vapers want to quit?

MUSC Hollings Cancer Center recently released research, claiming a whopping 66% of vapers want to quit vaping.

The study is based around the belief that vapers are replacing one form of addiction for another, and clearly ignoring the sound science behind vaping, as well as the point of free, informed choice.

In the study, they state: “Approximately 2.8% to 3.2% of US adults are current e-cigarette users, with a majority being current cigarette smokers or former cigarette smokers.”

They go on to add that “a majority of e-cigarette users expressed interest in eventually quitting vaping”, quoting a figure of 66% of vapers.

This is clearly another ridiculous point trying to be made against vaping. The intention of using vaping as a method to quit is simply that, a method to quit.

It seems as though the vast majority of vapers are making the decision to continue enjoying using nicotine. From past experience with our customers, those who genuinely wish to stop vaping achieve this very easily and successfully.

Love, Supergood.

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