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Fancy a little mystery in your life?

Fancy a little mystery in your life?

Brand new and for a limited time only for Stoptober!

Fancy a little Supergood mystery to your life? Don't we all! During the month of October, we're offering a brand-spanking new line that's never been thought of before...* 

Supergood Mystery Boxes!

Take the effort of thinking out of ordering your juice, let our happy little warehouse fairies choose for you! With Nic Salt, 50ml and 100ml boxes to pick from, it's so simple even your Nan could do it.

You'll never know what you're going to get! Could be some juice, could be a speedboat...who knows?**

You won't f****** believe what you can get for your money. Supplies are extremely limited, so act fast or the only you'll be getting is disappointed!

Stay safe,

Love, Supergood.

*Blatant sarcasm
**Definitely not a speedboat
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