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  • News-Supergood Salt Range | We Are Supergood.
    April 1, 2020 Aidan Cooper

    Supergood Salt Range

    After the booming success of our Supergood Cocktail and Butter Collection, what would be the next step you ask? Delicious Nic Salts, of course! All the flavour you come to expect from Supergood, now salted up and ready to be...

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  • News-I love the cake! | We Are Supergood.
    April 1, 2020 Jamie Dodd

    I love the cake!

    We absolutely love cake (irrelevant information for you), but seriously, how good is cake? Sorry...we're getting sidetracked and now all we can think of is cake. If you're like us and love dessert-style e-liquids then we recommend grabbing a bottle of our...

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  • News-Cocktails on a Monday? | We Are Supergood.
    April 1, 2020 Jamie Dodd

    Cocktails on a Monday?

    You heard us, cocktails are totally allowed here on a Monday. Actually we recommend a cocktail every single day of the week! (Excluding Sunday, this is our double cocktail day) With our full range of classic cocktail flavours primed and ready, you...

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